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At Immaculate Power Sweeping, LLC our equipment is maintained by a professional team to keep downtime to a minimum and service quality to a maximum.

Immaculate Power Sweeping, LLC has a 5000 square foot, three bay facility and the parts on hand to maintain and repair any maintenance problems that may arise.

We even go as far as making our own hydraulic lines and we mount and install our own tires. Our gutter brooms and rear strip brooms on all sweepers are a top priority to us.

We consistently measure and replace worn brooms for utmost efficiency. By doing all repairs in-house, we are able to keep our maintenance costs down which in turn allows us to give you the best possible price.

We also have our own on-site fueling station. This allows us to monitor the fuel market and purchase fuel at the best possible price. By getting the best possible price, we don’t have to issue fuel surcharges on top of our regular rates.